Ulashi Sreejony Sangha, acronym USS, is a non partisan , non profit and non government voluntary organization. Betrabati is the name of a small river flows over the Sharsha and Jhikargacha Upazilas of Jessore district, South-east part of Bangladesh. due to many reasons Betrabati got steam lesss and become dead. As a result the both sides of the river had to face the irrigation pronlem in need. Not only in cultivation, has the environment also been effected. To preserve the human friendly environment and smooth cultivation in the effected zone, one initiatives was seek from the existing goernment. For that, one project named Ulashi sharothi, Jodunathpur Project, supported by the Local Government, in the 8 unions situated in the both sides of Betrabati River, was started in 1st November 1976.

The main objectives of the project was to re-excavated the river; increase the production of IRRI rice ensuring sufficient irrigation; increase the diversified agro production; creating employment opportunities through different project; ensuring teh participation of civil society in the development initiatives. This initiative was significcantly appreciated in the rural economic as weel as national economy.

The activities and the achievement of the project was praised worthy by the national and international media, donor agency and development partners. After the completion of the projected activities. USS got institutional shape on 10th January 1984 by some devoted leading organisers of the project, to complete the other needs of the society.