Message from Executive Director

In an ever changing context, where emerging issues raise questions for the development community on the way of development processes have been and are being designed and supported, it is important to critically assess prevailing visions about development and adapt them, or even adopt alternative, more suitable approaches. For this reason, better life exercise is the first step of social development which needed economic and social freedom which may bring out through the integrated efforts. Eventually, near about 30 years before Ulashi Sreejony Sangha (USS) starts the way forward with the active participation of the poor marginalized community through its road map. With a view to the multiple irrigation system including IRRI cultivation, the Betrabati river which is flown over the Sharsha and Jhikargacha Upazilas, is re-excavated through the volunteer service by the leadership of few dedicated local people. Basically, this is the starting point of USS. In 1999, USS started its interventions through SHAHAR Project funded CARE Bangladesh and UNICEF, Local Rights Program by Actionaid Bangladesh, Wetland Campaign by Oxfam, Climate Resilient project by CAFOD, JEWEL project by Traidcraft & Big Lottery fund –UK, Promoting Right of Dalit Comunity by Manusher Jonno oundation, Basic literacy and VGD program by the Government of Bangladesh and others. From its inception USS is developing manpower, new project activities and working areas as well.


Along with the poor and marginalized community, USS is continuing its work with the disaster affected vulnerable community to cope with climatic change and adaption. USS has undertaken various activities like – diversified and Climate Resilient Sustainable Agriculture, disaster preparedness activities, support for person with disabilities, Income Generating Activities (IGAs), education for out of school children, dalit rights. women rights & entrepreneurship development, research, publications and networking etc. By the skilled manpower of USS who is highly committed, these interventions have been performed smoothly for improving the lives and livelihoods of the deprived people of the community so that they can live with social dignity.

My sincere gratitude to the Government of Bangladesh, International donor community, USS team members, well-wishers, community people and USS Governing body members whose cordial support and guidance inspires us towards every success.

USS believes in team work and I expect together we will be able to materialize our dreams true.

Wishing the best for


Kh. Azizul Hoque Moni






USS is implementing several development programs and projects under the support from National, International donors along with the financial assistant from several Govt. agencies, private sector and by its own resources. USS believes that interventions should design for all sectors for ensuring the proper development of the disadvantaged and underprivileged. USS priority sectors are -

human rights, livelihoods, agriculture, Gender & women development, education, health, Disability, climate change & adaption disaster response, micro finance and Institutional development. These broad fields of interventions of USS furnished below in a diagram-



Ulashi Sreejony Sangha (USS) is a non-profit, non-partisan, non-governmental voluntary organization and started its activities from 10th January 1984. It was established as a result of Ulashi Sharothi Jodunathpur Project started in 1st November 1976 in 8 unions situated in the both sides of Betrabati River, Jessore and was supported by the Government of Bangladesh. The main objectives of the project was to re-excavate the river; increase the production of IRRI rice by ensuring sufficient irrigation; facilitate diversified agro production; create

employment opportunities through different projects and ensuring voluntary participation of land less peoples, local farmers, fishermen, students, teachers and other peoples from different professions. After completion of the project, Ulashi Sreejony Sangha (USS), a people’s organization was formed to sustain the impact of the project. Gradually it becomes a Non-Government Organization (NGO) after getting registration from appropriate authority and expanded its direct activities in greater Khulna division in 1985.


Some useful Documents

> Our Constitution

> Revised Executive Committee (23/04/2022 - 07/02/2024

> Executive Committee (07/02/2021 - 07/02/2024

> Certificate for Microcredit Program Operation

> NGO Registration Certificate (new)

> Social Services Registration Certificate



Type of Office



Head office

Ulashi Sreejony Sangha(USS) 84, Ambika basu lane ,R.N. Road, Jessore , Bangladesh.
E-mail: Telephone:+88-0421-68453


Unit  Office, (Micro-Finance and development related office)

Ulashi Sreejony Sangha (USS)
Mobarokpur, Jhikargacha, Jessore, Bangladesh


Unite Office

Ulashi Sreejony Sangha (USS),
Shahid Mijan Sharak, Mahishkhola, Narail.


Unit Office

Ulashi Sreejony Sangha (USS),
Kazi Villa, Utholi Kalia, Narail, Bangladesh


Project Office

Ulashi Sreejony Sangha (USS), CLIMATE LRP-37 project office,
Shahid Minar Sarak, Chalna Bazar, Dacope Khulna. Bangladesh,  E-mail:


Project  Office

Ulashi Sreejony Sangha (USS), DIPECHO-VII project office
Achabua, Chalna Bazar, Dacope, Khulna, Bangladesh.  E-mail:


Project Office

Ulashi Sreejony Sangha
Banishanta, Dacope, Khulna, Bangladesh.


Project Office

Ulashi Sreejony Sangha(USS), CECD Project,
Adarshapara, Harinakundu, Jhineidah. E-mail:




USS has the following updated policies to ensure
quality and standard operation of all activities:


  Financial Management Policy

  Purchase Policy

  Personnel management policy

  Gender Policy

  Sexual Harassment Prevention Policy

  Child Protection Policy

  Monitoring & evaluation policy

  Savings & loan management policy