Case Studies

A Successful Story of Monowara Begum

“Going to Circle I have learnt reading and writing and taking decision to my family. My decision is valuable to my family. I can account in my family. I am aware about our rights. We take decision collectively to get the services from duty bearer.

Vermicompost, a story of organic gold: miracles in Rezia’s family

Mrs. Rezia Begum (38), a marginalized farmer, faced serious problems in feeding her family members two meals a day. Mrs. Begum lives in Lebutala under Jessore Sadar sub-district

Vemicompost makes salina confident

Salina Begum (45) is a lower middle class family housewife. Husband lokman hossain (52) was a farmer. In 2014 Salina’s husband left her and got married another and went away elsewhere. Salina became helpless with her 03 children.

A Successful Story of Basanti Mandal

“Basanti Mandal Now knows how to protect herself and her family from disasters. Now she knows what to be done to prepare for dealing in disaster with her family members. She is 36 years old. She and her two children lived with her husband in the village Kalinagar.

Madhya Gazi Para Small Groups

2nd February 2014 we heard that the river erosion starts at beside Nalian Bazar and the shops and street markets are going down to the river. We reach there as early as possible and see some of the stores are breaking and falling to the river very fast.

Dreams of Sweety Roy: Disaster Resilient Bangladesh

Sweety Roy is 14 years of age girl. She lives in Kalinagar village in the Union of Kamarkhola, Dacope Upazila, Khulna. Sheis studying in eighth grade, her class roll no. 01.